Is Adam Jones Playing for Cincinnati Bengals

The popular Adam “Pacman” Jones has been in the news for multiple events since 2007. While he has been involved in hip-hop album cuts, the NFL star is also known for the troubles he faced with misdemeanor charges in Las Vegas. He also remained suspended from NFL playoffs 2007, but is now beginning to get back in shape. The player is seen as a valuable asset, and after being traded from one club to another on multiple occasions, he is already back in action from late October 2011. Jones had a neck surgery in 2010, and followed it up with a great run of 63 yards. That caused him an hamstring injury from which he was raring to get back to playing NFL matches. However, it took him some time, and in the midst of a legal misconduct crisis, he has done well to keep up with the professional standards expected of him.
The neck surgery of Jones made a few headlines over months in the American sports press. This was an issue for Adam Jones because the post-surgery period was not the best time for him to practice. Experts believe that the hamstring injury occurred mainly because he had to stay out of practice. During this time, he may have slackened his muscles a little too much, causing him to succumb to a sudden hamstring problem after his ambitious punt. However, many fans suggest that his stint in the wrestling arena could have also been a distraction. Although he is considered to be super-fit as an athlete, Jones’ fans believe that his role in the ring had to remain non-physical. After his neck problems began in October 2006 2010, he had to remain out of the game for quite a while.
The misdemeanor charges came against Jones for an alleged altercation with an exotic dancer in Las Vegas. While it was not particularly illegal according to many fans, the NFL star had to face some police action. It was then that he resisted arrest, and made the case more serious against himself. Adam Jones, has been charged with disorderly conduct for the incident that took place in a bar in July. However, is unclear to the press as to what exactly he did then. Do you fancy making a bet on an upcoming NFL fixture? Do you think you can predict the correct result? Why not come to the Betfair Betting site today and check out their latest NFL odds!

FC Barcelona - Xavi: “Si alguien tenía que ganar era el Barça”


Wenger’s Comments about Arsenal in 2011

Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal football club has been in the news for his optimistic comments, even as his team seems to be struggling harder than before. While the disappointment amongst fans have been expecting little from the team’s players and management, many stakeholders of Arsenal have appeared to show greater interest in rival team Chelsea. Although financially well-off now, Arsenal FC has not been raising the hopes of its stakeholders as high as some other clubs. Wenger has been wise enough to realize that, and conveyed a conservative message in most of his conferences held recently.

Although making money seems to be easy for most teams deeply in the transfers market, Arsenal is not in the habit of letting off its players too easily. This has been met with mixed reaction from experts and fans, and Wenger has promised nothing less than strong fights from his men. Trusting their unique soccer qualities, Wenger mentioned that he was aware about the reasons why his team was not a favorite contender this season, but also mentioned that he is supervising the practice sessions only to find out that his men are raring to have a go at the tough competition that lies ahead.

Most fans have ranked Arsenal close to the tenth spot as contenders in the English Premier League. Many suggest that a few exchanges and may be some new players can bring back the old glory of the Arsenal club. However, Wenger remarked that only unity could be the reason for success in these difficult times. While Chelsea as a football club has been experimenting with team changes successfully, Wenger seemingly refuses to compare the two situations for several reasons. Being consistent is difficult for every soccer team, and unity is one way to ensure it according to the Arsenal manager.

In order to get back to old glory, one feels that changes are necessary. Although Arsenal has been planning regulatory changes and new strategies, it has been eager to take gratifying steps that will allow players to perform with a consolidated understanding of their tactics on the field.

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